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Still waiting

2010-04-21 17:32:04 by Ultros-Tilley

Im Brand new and im trying to add some music but its taking FOREVER! how long does it usually take?


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2010-04-21 18:05:40

i submitid a mp3 6 months ago .........................

Ultros-Tilley responds:

......*shits in pants* :|


2010-04-21 18:18:31

The Audio approval process could take anywhere between days or even weeks. Just have some patience and the Audio moderators will get to your submission.

Seriously though, 6 months is way too long of a wait.


2010-04-22 10:55:03

Copy paste from a post by a mod here: (http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/8 56515/15) -
"heads up:

- at the moment, it roughly takes 3 weeks to get approved.

if it's been say a week longer than that, you're probably banned for one of the reasons given in here (http://rig.newgrounds.com/news/post/1 21398)."